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    narrated by Aeschylus was an inspiration to many Ch▓inese revolutionaries. The Republic by Plato an▓d Politics by Aristotle are also among those Gree

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    public of China in 1949, Greek shipowners were among the first to break through the blockade and send much-needed supplies and equipment to New China.

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    When Greece was plagued by economic and debt woes a decade ago, Ch▓ina provided wholehearted assistance to help our Greek friends emerge f

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    rom the hard time. When conflict and war raged in Libya in Februa▓ry 2011, hoteliers on Crete, though in winter recess, provided accommodat

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    ion ▓to thousands of Chinese citizens evacuated from Libya. For over sixty years, year in and year o▓ut, the Greece-China Association has be

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    en committed to a▓dvancing the friendly exchanges between our two nations. The late Prof. Luo Niansheng, a renowned Ch▓inese scholar and tra

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tion to strive forward. Today, China and Greece have both reached a new stage of development, which presents a golden opportunity for expandin

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